On the 25th of February 2003 Polish Naval Aviation withdrew the last jets from active service, ending an era of exactly 50 years. The first MiG-15's entered service with 34PLM in March of 1953. After the MiG-15 the Lim-2, Lim-5, Lim-6, TS-11 and various versions of the MiG-21 flew from the bases of Polish Naval Aviation. On the 30th of January the remaining MiG-21's were withdrawn from Navy use followed by the final TS-11 flight on 25 February 2003.

Below you will find some pictures of the MiG-21bis, MiG-21UM, TS-11bis and TS-11R of Polish Navy Aviation taken during visits to Babie Doly and Siemirowice between 1998 and 2002.

MiG-21bis & MiG-21UM

MiG-21UM 9294; the last Polish Navy MiG-21 to take to the skies, seen here at Babie Doly in September 2002 MiG-21bis 0880 leaving Babie Doly's flightline in the winter of 2000 MiG-21bis 8859 sitting at Babie Doly MiG-21UM 9232 taxies towards the runway at Babie Doly
MiG-21bis 8859
MiG-21UM 9232
MiG-21UM 9294
MiG-21bis 0880

TS-11bis & TS-11R
TS-11R 1917 Novax at Siemirowice's flightline in the summer of 1998 TS-11 bis 1722 wearing the newest style camouflage (grey, green & black) at Siemirowice in the winter of 2000 TS-11R Novax 1919 at Siemirowice in the summer of 1998 wearing special colours for the anniversary of the Polish Navy A TS-11bis wearing a variety of colours (grey, green, black, blue and sand) taxiing at Siemirowice in the winter of 2000
TS-11R Novax 1917
TS-11R Novax 1919
TS-11bisDF 2011
TS-11bisDF 1722
Babie Doly based TS-11bis 1413 received camouflage during its 2000-2001 overhaul at  Bydgoszcz TS-11bis 1410 belonged to B-eskadra of 1 DLMW and is seen here being towed at Babie Doly in the winter of 2000
TS-11bisDF 1413
TS-11bisDF 1410



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