To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Bulgarian Airforce an airshow, the Bulgarian International Air Fest, was held at Graf Ignatievo airbase near Plovdiv on 6 & 7 September. It attracted participants from Greece, Romania, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the USA. Most of the aircraft in the flyingdisplay operated from their homebases which made photography sometimes a bit difficult.

The pictures below were all taken during the 5th of September 2002. You will only find some pictures of the Bulgarian participants as I didn't photograph the aircraft from the other participating nations.



Two Mi-24 Hind attackhelicopters were part of the openingceremony. They flew in from homebase Krumovo, about 15 kilometres away from Graf Ignatievo.



The Bulgarian Navy decided to participate in the airforce's anniversary festivities with this Mi-14. A welcome addition to the staticshow.



Four Su-25K Frogfeet from Bezmer acted as a team. A fifth Su-25 flew a solo-display.



Due to the tragedy in the Ukraine the participation of the MiG-23 was scaled down from five to only a single Flogger. The MiG-23UB had been adorned with an aggressive looking mouth. Crocodiles forever!

A spectacular waterdrop from a Krumovo-based Mi-17 helicopter.


©Robin Polderman 2002