The Polish Navy recieved the first six Mi-14PL ASW-helicopters on July 15, 1981. They were given numbers 1001 through 1006. Of these,number 1003 was converted into a traininghelicopter for Search-and-Rescue and received the designation Mi-14PX. In September 1994 Mi-14PL 1004 was lost during a waterlanding. A birdhit on June 15, 1983 proved fatal for Mi-14PL 1006. December 1983 saw the arrival of a further four Mi-14PL which received numbers 1007 through 1010. These were followed by two more, number 1011 and 1012, on January 3, 1984.

The rescue-variant Mi-14PS was taken on charge between January and April 1984 when four helicopters of this variant were delivered. Examples were lost in 1987 and 1988 prompting the conversion of 1003 and the delivery of another Mi-14PS in 1990. This late delivery wears number 5137 and has a slightly different configuration when compared to the original rescue-Hazes.

The modernization of the Mi-14PL started in 2000 and means the Haze will soldier on in Polish Navy service for some years to come. The LMW plans to buy new helicopers in 2005 to replace the 20 -25 year old helicopters. The Polish Navy operates the only Mi-14s in NATO-service with 2 DLMW from their homebase of Darlowo, on the Baltic coast.



red/white scheme


old grey scheme


light blue scheme


dark blue scheme

number delivery type status
1001 A1001 15jul81 PL current
1002 A1002 15jul81 PL current
1003 A1003 15jul81 PX current
1004 A1004 15jul81 PL crashed 14sep94
1005 A1005 15jul81 PL current
1006 A1006 15jul81 PL crashed 15jun83
1007 A1007 21dec83 PL current
1008 A1008 21dec83 PL current
1009 A1009 21dec83 PL current
1010 A1010 21dec83 PL current
1011 A1011 03jan84 PL current
1012 A1012 03jan84 PL current
1013 A1013 03jan84 PS current
1014 A1014 03apr84 PS crashed 15nov88
1015 A1015 03apr84 PS crashed 10may87
1016 A1016 03jan84 PS current
5137 75137 23nov90 PS current
Question: is 1003 still a Mi-14PX or is it reconverted to PL again?

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