After a few years of isolation, the Serb&Montenegro airforce could be admired outside its own country again. During the airshow at Kecskemet in Hungary (16&17 August 2003) and Brno in the Czech Republic (6&7 September 2003) the S&M airforce was present with a few interesting aircraft:

Kecskemet: G-2A Galeb (static), G-4 Super Galeb (flying) and J-22 Orao (static)

Brno: An-26 (static), G-4 Super Galeb (flying) and NJ-22 Orao (static)

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Left: The highlight of the show at Brno proved to be this twoseat NJ-22 Orao on loan to the testunit VOC at Batajnica.


Right: The frontcockpit is shown here. Note the obstructed view due to the panels on the leftside of the HUD.

Twoseat NJ-22 Orao at Brno Front cockpit of the NJ-22

Right: The sleeve says it all! The pilots of the VOC testcentre are experienced pilots often current on more than one type of aircraft. This testpilot is licensed to fly the MiG-21 Fishbed, J-22 Orao, G-4 Super Galeb, G-2 Galeb and UTVA-75 trainer. The country's blue/white/red flag is proudly worn on the sleeve. So is the Serb flag an upside down Dutch flag or is the Dutch flag an upside down Serb flag? Just kidding!

During the fall of 2003 the Republic of Serbia & Montenegro officially applied for inclusion in NATO's Partnership-for-Peace programme. In March of 1999 that same NATO-organisation attacked the country. It is clear the Serb & Montenegro leaders of today look towards the future. A very welcome first step was the participation of the S & M airforce in the airshows, held on NATO-soil, detailed on this page. Inbetween all the NATO F-16s and Tornado's they provided some variety. To be continued 2004?
The sleeve says it all!!

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Orao front view

Pepsi !

The sole remaining S&M airforce G-2 Galeb

For more info about these airshows visit the following sites:

-the Kecskemet airshow site
-the Czech International Air Fest site
Right: Isn't she lovely? The G-2 Galeb on the ramp at Kecskemet. She is the only military Galeb flying in Serbia & Montenegro today.
...or read the December 2003 issue of Aircraft Illustrated magazine!
During Allied Force, the NATO-attack on Yugoslavia, all G-2 Galeb trainers were destroyed. Only a single example escaped with minor damage. She was repaired at the Moma Stanojlovic overhaulfacility at Batajnica airbase and returned to service with the VOC-testcentre. A very welcome participant at the Kecskemet International Airshow!

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Preparing for take-off

The Super Galeb at Brno

The G-4 Super Galeb at Brno Super Galeb display-pilots

Left: The G-4 Super Galeb taxies at Brno. It was initially positioned in the static but was intended for the flyingdisplay so had to relocate to the flightline!

Right: Who to call for fuel? Two pilots of the VOC awaiting the arrival of the fueltruck at Brno. On the right is the G-4 Super Galeb displaypilot, Sasha Ristic.

In July of 1996 I was lucky enough to witness the Super Galeb display at Aviano airbase in Italy. After that I had to wait seven years to see it again! At both Kecskemet and Brno airshows G-4 Super Galeb number 23638 belonging to the VOC testcentre was displayed in the air. After the G-2 Galebs were withdrawn the G-4 Super Galeb is now the only jettrainer in use in the airforce of Serbia & Montenegro.
The badge of the flighttestcentre as applied on the G-2 Galeb
The An-26 at Brno

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Last but not least: an S&M Airforce An-26 made a welcome appearance at the Czech International Air Fest at Brno airport. It visited Kecskemet airshow as well but left already on the Thursday before the show. Fortunately at Brno it was in the staticdisplay so all of us could admire it!
All pictures: Robin Polderman 2003