On this page you will find a description and some pictures of all types in use with Srpska's military aviation. The order of battle of the Republic of Srpska is located below the types. Any additions and/or corrections welcomed at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page or click here . Some of the pictures below are 'clickable to enlarge'.

A HN-45 armed Gazelle at Zaluzani's ramp


More than 20 Gazelle helicopters serve at Zaluzani. Seven of them are of the armed HN-45 variant. The disarmed version of this helicopters is HO-45 while the standard utility Gazelle is designated HO-42.


Eleven Mi-8T Hip helicopters can be found at Zaluzani's concrete strip. They are used by 2.mhe for a variety of tasks including Search-and-Rescue. They are roughly 30 years old and most are in need of an expensive overhaul.

One of Srpska's Mi-8 Hips

A camouflaged UTVA75 at Zaluzani


Only two UTVA75 light traineraircraft remain in use with the RV i PVO RS. They fly from Zaluzani on training- and liaisontasks.

A twoseat Jastreb in flight

J-21/IJ-21/NJ-21 Jastreb

The Jastreb is currently the most flown fighter in RV i PVO RS service. Based at Mahovljani the six singleseaters and three twoseaters are around 30 years old but still soldier on.

The only G-4 Super Galeb pictured at Mahovljani

G-4 Super Galeb

A single G-4 Super Galeb (23725) flies from Mahovljani. it provides training for the J-22 Orao pilots.

A J-22 Orao of 1.lbae at Mahovljani

J-22 Orao

Seven Orao's are on the inventory of the RV i PVO RS. All of them are single-seat aircraft. They are able to carry and fire the AGM-65 Maverick.

Order of Battle 892 mesovita avijacijska brigada

Banja Luka - Mahovljani


J-21/IJ-21/NJ-21, G-4, J-22

Banja Luka - Zaluzani


HO-42, HO-45, HN-45, Mi-8T, UTVA75

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